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Why use Node js? 5 Reasons to use Node js for your App

In addition, Node JS also has a massive ecosystem of modules, libraries, and tools that allow developers to build apps faster and ensure that they have fewer bugs. The Node JS ecosystem includes popular tools like npm (Node Package Manager), which is used to manage dependencies and packages. Recently, this approach in application development has become very popular.

Incoming requests are queued up and executed sequentially in a fast manner, so your app will use less system RAM, scale easily, and perform faster. Unlike the NPM, YARN is not tied to a specific business or company, so it runs entirely on the support of its members and contributors. The Node.js developers’ community is a very active and vibrant group of developers who contribute to the constant improvement of Node.js. Members are willing to go the extra mile to provide their fellow software developers with reliable software solutions. Currently, numerous thriving companies have leveraged Node.js technologies in developing their applications, including Walmart, Netflix, Medium, Uber, LinkedIn, Groupon, and even NASA. We know it would be a dream to pick a technology and start building an app immediately!


But if you’re new to the Node JS framework or vaguely familiar with its core concepts, this post will help you understand its fundamentals better. In addition, this post will cover the basics of the Node JS framework, why and when to use it, its different parts, use cases, and more. You should know that the node.js API is unreliable if you plan to use it. That implies it can be altered anytime, making it possible to compromise your system if you aren’t cautious. To be ready for breaking changes, you must be aware of the most recent developments.

Ever since Node.js came into existence, it has been an ideal choice for web development. The framework was built in 2009 with scalability and performance in mind, which Getting Started as an ASP NET Developer Learning Path LinkedIn Learning, formerly is why enterprise companies and startups continuously choose Node.js for their production. Second, a lot depends on the specifics of the system you want to create.

Node.js Architecture

Relational databases can be tougher to use than other types of databases. While Node.js has the potential to simplify your work with relational databases, it can also pose problems. Because it is based on widely used web languages, Node.js has a relatively low learning curve. Thanks for sharing the informative article on Node.js and its Advantages and disadvantages. For more JavaScript ecosystem tools used with Node.js, see the dedicated article. This becomes an even more pronounced problem, when developers must combine dozens of packages of various versions, levels of maturity, and support making dependency management a real problem.

  • This is in contrast to most applications, which use different languages for the front-end (like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and back-end (like PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Java).
  • As a result, whatever technologies and tools you need in your project, you can most likely use them simultaneously with Node.js without writing additional software to connect them.
  • Node.js is an application runtime environment for writing server-side applications in JavaScript.
  • No matter where a developer is, we ensure high quality code standards.

Discussed below are some of the significant challenges that come with the use of Node js.

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