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Using Technology to Enhance Math and Sciences Lessons

Technology in the classroom has become an essential tool for learning and understanding. According to Pierce and Ball (2009) that students’ attitudes toward math improve when they use technology in classes. Additionally, they tend to gain a greater level of understanding of the subject. This is because they can explore math concepts in a variety of ways, including using calculators to solve issues or online manipulation tools. However, incorporating the right technology into math classes requires careful consideration and an understanding of how it functions.

One of the major benefits of integrating technology in mathematics lessons is that teachers can find more creative ways to teach the subject. This is due to the fact that some of the latest digital tools are designed to make use of students’ modelling and visual power. Software programs, for instance allows students to create 3D geometrical models of objects such as cones and cubicles in a way that helps students to understand the shape and properties.

In addition, the most effective technology tools allow students to free their working memory so they can focus on problem formulation and modeling. They also aid in the development of public records of thinking, which are modifiable and transferable, as well as shareable with students and teachers. This approach is designed to bridge the gap between students’ informal understanding and the formal structure of mathematics and scientific phenomena.

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