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Product Strategy vs Product Roadmap What’s the Difference?

The Bottoms up workflow refers to the tracking, reporting, and adjusting of product roadmaps based on progress vs plans. The execution progress rolls up to various levels of the portfolio and is shared with portfolio participants for context and visibility. The delta in plan vs. predicted timeline enables tracking and measuring of outcome to start the next portfolio iteration. A roadmap is a more detailed plan that outlines the specific actions and milestones that need to be achieved to bring the product strategy to life. It is a shorter-term plan that provides a clear and actionable plan for the development and release of a product. The purpose of sharing product roadmaps is to help teams understand the overall strategy of the product.

What is the difference between product roadmap and IT roadmap

And one of the core tools that help these people and companies perform is a roadmap. If you don’t know the difference between a project roadmap vs. product roadmap, you can start with studying their purposes and intended use. Let’s take a look at the differences between product vs technology roadmaps, as well as best practices for building and managing both of them. • Technology enables organizations to plan out and determine which technology solutions they will need to accomplish a specific set or organizational goals”. Additionally,ClickUp’s Release Notes Templatecan help product teams stay aligned on release notes and streamline collaboration efforts by providing more detailed information. And for Jakub Grajcar, STX Next’s Inbound Marketing Team Lead, it was critical to do all of this within the same tool.

How to present a product roadmap to get buy-in

Both departments must be aware of the ins and outs of this new functionality to attend to the customer’s demands properly. Still, the training course must be completed before the estimated release date. Whenever we need to display multiple products on a single view, portfolio roadmaps make this task an easy feat. They are tools used mostly by the leadership level, as they allow us to take the full dimension of projects running in parallel and how are HR and technology efforts allocated for each section.

  • Product roadmaps are vital for product development teams to track progress and align the organization’s vision across short-term and long-term goals on each project.
  • 5 Roadmap Templates for Agile Teams Agile and product roadmaps might seem like they’re mutually exclusive approaches to product development.
  • Getting Started All the tools you need to get started in ClickUp.
  • We had people come into the office and placed them into teams on different tables.
  • Asking other product experts is a great way to see how they go around the concept.

Use bars of different length to display the progress of each task. For example, a task at the outset can have a short progress bar. Check out our practical article on how to market a new product to see what we’d include in the marketing area, for instance. Identify drop-offs in the customer funnel and figure out what’s going from a customer’s perspective.

How to build a product roadmap

Delivery schedules belong on a release plan, and as a product manager, that’s not your domain. Your primary job is to decide on the best move forward – not to define how or when that move is made. Release plans belong in the realm of project managers or the development team. Given this reality, I want to answer my friends question and differentiate product strategy from product roadmaps. Roadmaps can be a great way for businesses to visualize their goals and track their progress.

What is the difference between product roadmap and IT roadmap

But there are some important distinctions between them that are worth investigating. It is always from a good product roadmap that you can build the right product backlog.’s live roadmap feature lets you build roadmaps and share them at the team, product, and customer levels. These live roadmaps will provide clear visibility and up-to-date information for positive progress. Both product roadmaps and product backlogs play important roles in product development.

Become a Certified Product Manager

Have ongoing conversations with customers and customer-facing teams and be curious about their input on proposed solutions. This depth of research and problem discovery during the product roadmap planning phase is crucial to targeting the right problems you’ll commit to solving over a period of time. This research is the evidence you’ll use to justify why certain features and initiatives should be on the roadmap during alignment discussions. Jira roadmap integration Connect your high-level strategy with daily planning by syncing your data between Roadmunk and Jira. Azure DevOps integration Easily synchronize work items and field data into a strategic roadmap.

What is the difference between product roadmap and IT roadmap

Using a cutting-edge project management tool like VirtualSpace allows your teams to stay on top of any deadlines while achieving your business goals. It helps your teams to be more productive by supporting effective collaboration. A product management roadmap provides a time-focused view of product development priorities in the coming months or years. Both product managers and product owners use these visual tools for many purposes, but the content of their roadmaps will be quite different. Customer facing teams are key touchpoints for product managers during the product roadmap planning process.

What is a Product Backlog

Let’s explore why traditional roadmaps fail before moving on to how you can stop that from happening. Otherwise, this false sense of certainty can lead to poor prioritization in roadmaps, which can also cause issues, particularly in resource allocation. This will give you a good base for assigning a timeframe to your initiatives. In all likelihood, then you dove into research to flesh out the details of each particular stop on the trip. Based on the details, you then had to work through trade-offs.

When you change focus or direction as a company, it’s okay to modify—or even stop using—your existing product roadmap. There are a lot of useful benefits of product roadmaps—for stakeholders, product owners, developers, and customers alike—but roadmapping isn’t the only way for product teams to work. Product managers don’t make the final decision whether, for instance, to raise the price of the product. But a good price analysis will make use of insights from a product manager’s strategic research. Not to be confused with a timeline of planned features and releases, a roadmap outlines the high-level objectives and goals for your initiatives, which represent problems you are looking to solve. By providing your team with an understanding of the goals and plans for the product, team members can work together effectively to achieve these goals.

Real Product Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Take a look at the following example of a time-based product roadmap provided by another planning tool – ProductPlan. A product roadmap is a strategic plan that displays workflow and milestones of the pipeline. It clarifies the product strategy implementation through milestones – epics and features. The scope usually includes engineering, marketing, hiring, and so on. The product roadmap allows you to establish and track the order in which things are to be worked on.

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The wheel includes everything from an external expert or investor to A/B experiments and launch data (medium-high). Give users an ongoing opportunity to provide in-app feedback and suggest problems with current solutions. Validation is about understanding the relative value from the customer perspective. The top of our equation should be value from a customer perspective.

Portfolio Roadmap

There are some great roadmapping software tools out there to help you get the job done. We’ve mentioned a few of them throughout this article, but here’s a collection of our top tools for roadmapping. They’re great goals to have but release right the first time and save your developers hours of time and your business unnecessary costs post-release. A big fail of static roadmaps is deadlines that are too ambitious. Understand the problem you’re trying to fix with the solution you’re trying to build and the resources you need to get there.

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